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ROY and CANDICE KONTZIE: Getting Healthier with Shaklee Products
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We started our Shaklee Business in 2012 and made it apart of our Roycan Natural HealthCare Centre. We did alot of homework before we were willing to support and endorse another company for their products.

We were looking for a company that was old (Shaklee is 100 yrs old), one that did quality testing (Shaklee does more than 100,000 quality tests each year to ensure purity and potency), had peer reviews (Shaklee has over 90 peer review studies) and believed in helping others have healthier lives for themselves and the people around them.

Shaklee fit all our requirements! It's been quite the journey of helping others and meeting other like minded people from all over the world.

If you would like to join our business organization we provide you with support, training and personal growth.

You can purchase Shaklee products by either "Buying" "Sharing" or "Building a Shaklee Business".

Shaklee offers 100% 30 day refund if you feel the products are not working or you are unhappy with the products. Your shipping anywhere in Canada (even up north) will only be between $12.50-$20.00. That's amazing considering how much it costs to just mail a letter.


If you have questions regarding your health, shaklee products or joining our organization just email info@roycan.ca  or call 204-871-0991


Roy & Candice Kontzie

Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada                          http://roycan.myshaklee.com       www.roycan.ca    

                                                                                         Facebook: Roycan Natural HealthCare